Protection When it Matters Most

Protocol Protection Services delivers high-level executive protection, training and consulting that positions us above the industry standard. "We do the work that matters to our clients."


Protocol Protection provides executive level protection, training and consulting to meet the specific needs of our clients. We believe, by its very nature, that personal security is an extremely delicate matter. That is why Protocol assures complete discretion, discipline and integrity in how we handle clients and their information at all times. At Protocol, our values  are  honor, integrity, sacrifice, and excellence.

Protection is our primary service but we are also in the trust and relationship building business. Protocol and its specialists are not your typical executive protection service providers. Our team truly understands that we do work that matters. Our clients have businesses to run and decisions to make, Protocol paves the way and does the ground work to protect what matters most - our clients, their people, family, property and reputation. This is due to the level of professionalism, training and service we provide, as well as our network of firms and individuals to handle the most obscure client need.

We are a company that is agile enough to handle a variety of requests, and a bandwidth thorough enough to concentrate on one client at a time. We succeed over our competitors because of our complete knowledge and understanding of physical security, access control, communication security, visitor security, special event security, personal protection – in addition to our solid relationships with our existing clients and their complete confidence in our ability to protect them. Our services are not for everyone, we are not all things to all people and don’t want to be.